Beginning in 2017 I'll be posting Boulton's story on social media as I expand my research on this important entrepreneur.

Matthew Boulton was one of the most creative and determined figures of the Industrial Revolution in England. Though most famous for his partnership with James Watt and their rotary steam engine, Boulton was also one of the leaders of the Birmingham Enlightenment (and an inventor of an early copying machine)!


Surprisingly Boulton is one of the least studied major figures in the Industrial Revolution. His effort to sell the rotary steam engine in markets as varied as English coal mines and sugar plantations in the West Indies was the foundation of the global carbon economy. 


Examining Boulton's career and the development of his business opens new perspectives on innovation, venture capital, and the importance of intellectual and social networks for the successful realization of new inventions and products. 


Matthew Boulton