Exploring Intellectual & Business History 

I am currently a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Department of History where I research the history of law, capitalism and economic thought.


New essay on emergencies and the law

When Charles I levied "ship money" in England during the 1630s on the pretext of an emergency he raised a storm of opposition  that eventually contributed to the rebellion against him. This essay in the new collection Revolutionising Politics looks at the early development of the emergency at common law and its potential to reshape politics and the rule of law.

Blog: Why We Need To Re-think Friedman’s Ideas About Monopolies

How did Milton Friedman read his Adam Smith? This brief blog at ProMarket describes research related to my project on the history of business interests and liberal thought.

Blog: Smuggling and the Long History of Tax Havens

Discover the early modern offshore network of smugglers and tax dodgers recently posted at Past & Present's blog.

New Article: Fair Competition and Smuggling

Was it one of the biggest frauds in UK history? Or maybe it was all legal: the scheme starts with an ad for French brandy and reveals the secret world of early modern smuggling and business frauds. visit  

New Article: Can Moral Ideas Change Business?

My new article explores how moral ideas during the 1840s and 1850s reshaped business organization in England visit