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Exploring Legal & Business History 


I am currently a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Department of History where I research the history of law, moral economies and business.

New Research and Presentations

The Cambridge Constitutional History of the United Kingdom

It's out! This two volume work offers new perspectives on the constitutional history of the United Kingdom. Check it out here  (and my chapter on the sixteenth-century constitution)

Conference: NACBS, Baltimore

The Isle of Man and Global Britain: The Island’s Emergence as a Commercial Entrepot 1690-1740, November 10-12, Baltimore

Lady Byron and the Impact of Women on Early Co-operative Thought

Discover new sources of early co-operative thought in Britain and especially the impact of Lady Byron's ideas on the movement in my new article. Have a look

Smuggling Database

Explore the early modern smugglers' world and visit my new database on smuggling prosecutions

Can Moral Ideas Change Business?

Yes, they have! A new article explores how moral ideas reshaped business organization in England

The History of Corporate Law (rethought)

My new article on the history of corporate law, religious thought, and the long history of business and its social responsibilities is now available at Seattle University Law Review (link)

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