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Exploring Intellectual & Business History 


I am currently a professor at Wilfrid Laurier University in the Department of History where I research the history of law, capitalism and economic thought.

New Research

My essay in the new collection Revolutionising Politics examines the early development of the emergency at common law 

Discover the early modern offshore network of smugglers recently posted at Past & Present's blog.

A new article explores how moral ideas reshaped business organization in England

News and Upcoming Presentations

The History of Corporate Law (rethought)

My new article on the history of corporate law, religious thought, and the long history of business and its social responsibilities is now available at Seattle University Law Review and their special issue, Berle XII: Corporate Capitalism and the City of God (link)

Lady Byron and Early Co-operative Thought

My new article exploring new sources for early co-operative thought and the impact of Lady Bryon on early co-operation in England is out soon at the Bodleian Library Record 

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